Land of Humanity and The Black Bird Disease!

32ce8780eacd6f2eb68885027705fa78--old-tattoos-tree-tattoos‘Once upon a time there was a land called humanity’, Grandma narrates the story to Rose, her youngest grandchild. The land was ruled by a noble King. His daughter’s name was Siara. ‘You know she looked somewhat like you my dear child’, grandma looks at Rose with eyes full of love and compassion. ‘Humanity’ did not have money as a currency rather love and compassion was the currency there, yes it sounds hypothetical but such was the law of that land! No other land of that coeval was as prosperous as humanity was.

One day the king announced a four day carnival where kings and kingsmen of different states were invited, it was a huge event. The land of humanity got engaged to welcome all the royals and were preparing in full vigor for the same.

In one home out on the countryside of humanity, stayed a poor family of six, with hardly any food to survive on daily basis. The family had grandma, grandpa and their four grandchildren, Kevin, William, Kite and June. Kevin was the eldest boy. William was younger. Kite and June were twin sisters giving birth to whom their mother died. Grandpa used to be a big businessman in the city two decades ago but due to his son’s greed for making money and selfish business skills, the whole family was thrown out of the kingdom. They could hardly manage a living now. Kite and June used to go to sell air balloons to the city each day and would bring back food, sometimes cloth in return. William took care of the small family field and Kevin managed to sell whatever crop William grew In the field.

The carnival was arriving and Kite and June were really excited.

Finally the carnival day began with all the fireworks, offerings to the good GODS and cultural performances. Out in the crowd their came a man from enemy land who brought a small diseased bird with him, he flew the bird and it spreaded the virus of her disease in the air. Within three days the land of humanity was engulfed by the deadly black bird disease and the king himself got infected.

The king’s daughter Siara was now in control of the nation and she ordered all the doctors and medical practitioners to bring a cure and whoever will bring the cure will get rewarded by the nobility. Sooner the death toll increased from hundreds to thousands. This was worrying Siara. She herself took her horse out and went in search of the cure.

She travelled whole day and in midnight reached the countryside where the poor family used to live, she was surprised to see that no single person in the family was affected by the disease. She asked them what was the medicine to it, surprisingly no one in the family knew about the disease. She took Kevin with her and told him the whole situation, Kevin promised to help his country on reward of being brought to his nation with respect.

Then Kevin went on the search with the princess of his noble land.

Out beyond the land of humanity there was a field where the old monk used to live, the monk was a clairvoyant and told SIARA AND KEVIN, that the disease was brought to the land by BLACK BIRD LAND, a land where selfishness, greed, money, murders and devils live. They do not pay homage to kindness. They have no ears for sufferings. They are brutal and demonic. To find the cure to that disease, they had to go to the Black Bird Land! TO BE CONTINUED IN MY NEXT BLOG……


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  1. This is a really sweet story. I like the way you are telling this story, it almost makes you feel like someone is telling it to you, and it’s not just you reading it (=

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    1. Thank you so much. I hope to bring the next part soon.

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