Fighter’s Spirit

“Defeat is not the worst failure, not to have tried is a bigger one”

All the management entrance exams are approaching and with increased practice of those difficult concepts, the intensity of pressure is also increasing. Pressure of
nothing but “WHAT IF..”

What if I fail to manage the exam time? What if I fail to come up with the right answer? What if I score a pathetic percentile even after doing so much hard work.
What if my approach to studies is totally incorrect. What if my percentile will be the same as in mocks.What if I do not convert any big school and many such WHAT IFS
become our subconscious belief. Now, this belief apart from our efforts would decide our future. Before winning over those tough geometry figures, we have to win
over our figure about the future. The future is what you see because this is not a team work, this is solely your belief, your effort, your fight and trust me
the moment you win over your fear of failure, you will win this battle.

Even when you are not able to score the right score, just do not dare speak to yourself that you won’t be able to make it. Say a thousand times that today I might
be wrong but I will study the concepts again and I will win over this because I am not a looser, I am a fighter and before any fight you can’t predict which side is
going to win. You just watch them fight and this fight is not with a person but some concepts which have been made applicable by some mortals who have the
same eyes as you have, who have the same brain as you have, who have the same hands as you have. The only thing they differ in is that they have won over themselves,
they have overcome the fear of failure and have reached the prestigious position of being associated with a popular institution.

The next time you give a mock, don’t judge your capabilities by the score of it. You are capable of innovating a wheel, discovering fire and going to the moon when
given a necessity and totally unfamiliar planet right from your birth. You belong to a land of scholars. You are not going to be depressed, you are not
going to mull over some negative thought that doesn’t exist. You are going to win this fight because you ARE A FIGHTER!



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