India: A land of Possibilities

रगों में दौड़ते फिरने के हम नहीं क़ायल
जब आँख ही से न टपका तो फिर लहू क्या है ?

70 years of Indian Independence and Us! There is still something missing. There is still something left undone. There is still a fight against poverty, illiteracy and hunger hindering us from becoming a developed nation. For then this Independence can be celebrated with our contribution in it.

A country of 1.324 billion with over 15 percent suffering hunger. Do we the educated society which is capable of bringing a change want to die giving the same or higher rate of hunger to the country believing our age old political faces?

I am surprised how can we bear so much poverty and illiteracy around us. It boils my blood to see a child who should have a pencil in her hand, cleans the dishes at someone’s home when her mother is not able to come on some days. The idea of not being able to do anything for the nation is the last Idea we want to die with for we are from the land of BHAGAT SINGH, AZAD and BOSE. We are the voice of Sardar Bhai Patel. We are the living proof of their struggle and we ourselves are not responsible for the freedom we have. It is a result of the HANGINGS OF BHAGAT SINGH, RAJGURU, SUKHDEV who happily sacrificed their life for,  I am disheartened to say a poverty stricken, indifferent, hunger prone and corrupt INDIA! The amplitude of their sacrifice can be watched here:

     “मर के कैसे जीते हैं, इस दुनिया को बतलाने तेरे लाल चलें हैं माये, अब तेरी लाज बचाने”
Is this pathetic India the justice we are giving to these patriotic legends? I am sure your answer is NO. So why not do our every bit. Why not dedicate our every effort for the future of a good and strong India? No nation has proved its mettle with a handful of politicians debating the country’s existence in the UNITED NATIONS. No nation has become developed with just a prime minister doing and explaining his efforts for the country. The citizens have always played a major role.

This Independence day, let us pledge to contribute in the education of one child from a poor family, to make the future of that family secure. To make the future of India developed. Let us pledge to keep our surroundings clean. Let us make our Land proud of its kids. Let us rise against every evil! Let us kill all demons hampering our efforts towards development. Let us come together and be the builders of a corruption free, hunger free, poverty free and MODERN INDIA. Let us make Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Proud. Let us make Sardar Bhai Patel proud. Let us make Sardar Bhagat Singh proud.

#LiterateIndia #EducatedIndia #FreeIndia


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